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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to post a picture once you receive it?

Right now we have a backlog of photos submitted during our hiatus that we're getting caught up on. It may take a couple of months for your cat to show up.

Can you email me when my cat is going to appear on the site?

While we have done this in the past from time to time, this is one of the things which was slowing us down in making updates to the site. In the future, we hope to have a better way to submit pictures that will allow us to notify people.

I sent in a picture and you never used it. Isn't my cat cute enough?

Just about every cat we've ever gotten has been "cute enough" for the site. If we didn't use your picture, it's more likely because of a problem with the way the picture was attached, or an issue with the picture quality that prevented us from using it. We also can't use pictures which are clearly not your personal photos, like those cute animated kittens that everyone's been sending around.

You got my cat's name wrong, or listed the picture as having no name. What gives?

While we make every effort to keep the cats straight when we save the emails, every now and then we miss a name. Also, when we enter the names into the script which rotates the cats, we can mix them up sometimes. It helps us a lot if you name the image file with your cat's name -- we especially have problems with files that have the generic camera names on the image, like IMG_03315.jpg. It also helps if you give a subject line like "My cat Fluffy," because sometimes the pictures are big and we don't see the text with the real name. Also, sending one picture per email helps keep us from getting confused.

Why did you change the picture I sent you?

We try not to change the pictures we get, other than to size them to the 400 by 300 pixel size we like to use on the site. Sometimes, though, we'll make adjustments to the color or crop the picture to make the cat stand out better.





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